Hard to handle difficult people.

I just realized that I am not very good at handling difficult people.
I may need to learn how to handle it.
Quick fix is either avoid any contacts or communication.
Maybe all my life I don’t have to deal with these type of personality. It’s a good experience I guess.
Ok, that’s all for now.

teting 123

testing for my new office pc.

e Beca UTeM… live now


Apa khabar Malaysia?

What game should I play?

I have been playing badminton for some time now and I’ve improved a lot. If you play any games a long time you’ll be good. But you need to have players that are better than you.I played petanque and manage to get third place in the UTeM open recently.I also played golf. I’ve a cool membership at a country club nearby. Pretty interesting game.

Have to record my thoughts on things that happen to me

"Life is unfair, deal with it." That's some wise words from a pastor who happen to be quoted in the Network 21 MLM which I was involved last time. I don't remember the pastor's name.

I'm not sure if that's what I want to discuss but we'll towards the end of this piece.

Currently I really feel overwhelmed. Maybe this is due to the need to send my youngest kid to and back from school, to tuition, to kelas tambahan.

I feel like bapa tunggal. I have a wife but my kid is not her child so that's what create this feeling.

Anyway I'm kinda stuck now.

I want to feel on top of things. But it's not impossible, but it could be done. I've read on how to avoid being overwhelmed with work. So i'll start with that. Plan my day, do my job at utem, get my KPI fulfilled. Fill up the form for NP... and work into it..

This morning I read through it, and maybe I could work on the book publishing route. Create kinda review paper book on topics that I hav…

Maybe use wordpress next?

I have use wordpress before but just for a while.

If i want to put write and share more contents I may have to use wordpress again.

Especially after reading this article.